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Sure Foundation (EP)

This project was completed in 2011. Browse the songs and pick up your copy here or using the links to the right.


1-Praise Your Name
2-Perfect Love
3-First You Are the One
4-Sure Foundation
5-Your Love

Drums - Brian Brickley
Percussion - Carl Smith
Bass - Ted Swenson
Bass (Perfect Love) - Toby Johnson
Keys - Jose-Luis Sosa
Sax - Jeff Homan
Guitars/Vocals - Miguel
Backing Vocals - Brian Brickley, Christine Yvette, Melinda Brown

Change the State of My Heart (EP)

This 3 song EP was completed in November of 2009. The songs are focused on a time of getting to know our Lord Jesus and allowing Him to work in our lives.

The song "Jesus" is a great song for the Christmas Holiday! I released an acoustic version of this song in 2007 to a few friends and family. This version adds drums, bass, electric guitar and some keys for the full sound of some great artists I've been working with here in the Portland area.


1-Change The State Of My Heart
2-A Child Again

Drums - Mark Evilsizer
Bass - Ted Swenson
Piano/Strings - Jose-Luis Sosa
Guitars/Vocals - Miguel


Stories is a project I recorded in 2002. It is a compilation of songs written throughout the late 90's with a softer touch. Great adult contemporary listening.


2-Island of Love
4-Midnight Wire
6-Brand New Start
7-Leave the Key
8-Fly Away
9-You Will Find Me
10-She Knows Me

Drums - Ken Woodside
Bass - Bruce Powell
Bass (Leave Key) - Rick Noonberg
Organ - Rick Alvarez
Harmonica - David Lipkind
Piano/B. Vocals - Christine Yvette
Piano (Danger) - Miguel
Guitars/Vocals - Miguel

Shook Up World

Shook Up World was a California based band that I recorded and performed with for several years in the mid to late 90's.

This CD is out of print, but you can listen to it in its entirety right here!

1-Ain't Like the First Time
2-The Dreamer
3-As the Years Go By
4-Ghost of a Dog (Shame)
5-Your Body Weeps
6-Bring You Back
7-Planet Glup
8-Some Day
9-Red Rose
11-The Leaving
11-Let Your Love Come Out